Taxi services

Software package is designed to automate the following processes:

  1. Receiving and processing orders for the transfer of clients;
  2. System information support, which provides accounting, monitoring and execution of transfer services and related services to clients;
  3. Dispatchers’ tasks automation ;
  4. Information support for drivers;
  5. Interaction with agents services
  6. Ensuring accessibility and ease of formation of demands for the provision of comprehensive services for customers;
  7. Financial settlement with clients, drivers and service agents

Architecture of the system:



  • Contact center

Hardware and software system designed to organize call center processes. Allows you to control incoming and outgoing calls

  • Database

Repository of information resources of the system

  • Web server

Server applications, including web-based portal providing information services to customers

  • Mobile server

Server for the submission of information services for the customers; agents who publish their services on the company server; taxi drivers using mobile devices (smartphones, tablets)

  • SMS – Gateway

Gateway for transmitting SMS messages to customers